Dissertation Proposal Help

Dissertation Proposal Help

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Before you start writing your dissertation to complete your education and get your degree, your supervisor wants to see what your approach will be and how you will write your dissertation from start to end.

So, in order to convince your supervisor that you are on the right track, you have to write a persuasive dissertation proposal that explains step-by-step that why your ideas are viable and why the proposed methodology should be adopted.

You will have to explore the previously written literature to gain more knowledge and determine how you can make your own approach unique and appealing.

Here is a typical format of a proposal:



Literature Review




One great benefit of this paper is that you get to learn whether there is enough material available on your selected topic or not. If you think that it will be impossible for you to find enough data to write the required number of words, then you will be able to look for something new and better.

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You are not confident whether your supervisor will like your ideas and approach or not

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